I teach ordinary people how to make extraordinary finds in genealogy and family history research, using strategies that make genealogy fun and exciting.

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Through his nationally syndicated radio show and podcast, “Extreme Genes,” as well as his courses, Fisher inspires a feeling in his followers of “I really can do this!” for over 300,000 people a month.

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Most listened to and followed family history and genealogy national radio show and podcast

If you’re one of those who believes podcasts should be more than just another way to kill time, so do I!

With the field’s best known experts, specific techniques and ideas for new sources, and examples of incredible discoveries made through those sources and techniques, the Extreme Genes radio show and podcast has earned its spot as “can’t miss” listening for millions of passionate genealogists.

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"Scott has been amazing with this whole journey I have been on. I never in a million years thought I would know the truth about my father's side of the family. Scott found pictures of them on both sides and stories about them from newspapers. Scott has a true gift to help put families together."

- Mary Monson