Ancestry's New Tools Make Story Telling And Sharing Easy

genie observations Mar 01, 2022

Genies… I got an awesome sneak peek a few days ago of sponsor’s new story telling creation center, Ancestry Stories. Their Story Builder allows you to create a story with six different slide types which allows you to have a title page, add photos (including stock pix they provide) and documents, and write a summary. And with those photos, you can add motion, panning left to right or right to left. For now, these stories can only be created on your iPhone (Android is still to come), and can be saved to your ancestors’ pages on your trees. You can then access via phone or soon on desktop. You can also share it with family members and friends, whether or not they subscribe to For the younger generation that wants stories in a quick and easy-to-consume form, you can’t beat this!  I can’t wait to play with this and see the reactions of my family to the stories I’ve discovered as I share them in this awesome new way! Try out these incredible new tools and share your new story creations on social media using  #MyAncestryStory.  #AncestrySponsor

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