Ancestry's RootsTech Announcement: New Partnership With Photomyne- Digitizing Changes Forever

genie observations Mar 03, 2022

Genies… The RootsTech announcements from Ancestry keep coming! Today, Ancestry has announced an exclusive partnership with Photomyne… the leader in photo scanning and archiving. What does this mean to you? Imagine inheriting an old photo album and you want to digitize all the images. Up until now, you would have to remove the pictures, place them in a scanner, crop them, and perhaps use PhotoShop to improve them. Now, by using these Photomyne tools from Ancestry, you can use your phone to take a picture of an entire page from your album. The tools will automatically separate and crop each picture, improve focus, and restore color, or colorize your images! Then you can assign which picture goes to which person on your tree. If you’ve been waiting years to get around to the tedious project of scanning your old albums, it’s been worth the wait! No more pulling your photo albums apart and trying to reinsert the pictures back in proper order. No more tearing of your old photos while removing them from those so-called “magnetic” albums of the 1970s (like I recently did). Sign in to Ancestry through their mobile app to try it out. Have fun!  #AncestrySponsor


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