Ready to take your first time-travel adventure to meet your ancestors?

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Would you like to...

  • Identify an ancestor or ancestral couple that could not be identified through traditional genealogical research ?
  • Confirm or disprove that certain ancestors on your family tree are or are not connected to your people?
  • Identify birth families and parents?
  • Find “new” cousins who may have information and photographs, etc., to share with you?
  • Get an idea of your family background by country, race, and/or ethnicity?

This course will show you how!

Genetic genealogy is the tool that uses the records of your ancestors contained within your own body in the form of DNA, to compare your unique genetic profile to many others. These comparisons will give you a level of shared DNA, DNA that came to you and your matches from a common ancestor. The more DNA in common, the closer your relationship to the match. Then, by comparing family trees and other matches you have in common you can accomplish remarkable things.

Your ancestors have left a library of information locked into every cell in your body! If you’re ready to learn more, I invite you to join me for my video course:

Genetic Genealogy, Your DNA Basics, Step By Step

In this course, I will explain the entire process from the ground up, to lead you to those mysterious ancestors and their stories! 

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Here’s what some of my previous students have had to say about Genetic Genealogy, Your DNA Basics, Step By Step.

"The course was intense and fun! Scott made each lesson challenge doable. Even though I have participated in DNA classes through genealogy conferences and have worked on understanding how to apply that knowledge, this course helped solidify and bring it all together. My big bonus for this course was finding my birth father. There was no information to start with but the DNA results. By applying the concepts and principles in this challenge my goal was met!"

Bev - Pocatello, Idaho

"Fifty years ago when I was ten, my parents said to me and my younger brothers they had something they needed to tell us. Mother said…your Dad was adopted. My first and only question was "who are your real parents?" That question has been in my mind forever, even as Dad has long passed. Years later, I jumped into this new thing called DNA. I had heard several rumors of where Dad came from so I was hoping this would prove something. It did. None of the rumors were true! I called Scott Fisher to see what he could make of it, but not enough people had yet tested. By 2019, I had key matches and Scott was on the hunt again. With his unbelievable skills and old newspapers online he was able to put together the story of my Dad’s parents. Never in a million years did I think I would know the truth. Scott found pictures of family on both sides, and stories about them from newspapers. Scott has a true gift for helping put families together."

Mary - Fruit Heights, Utah

"My Mom was adopted at birth in San Francisco in the 1950s. She grew up in a great home, and had great parents. Fast forward to recently, we did DNA tests with Ancestry and 23andMe. We discovered a whole slew of cousins and other relatives but could not figure out how or with whom we were related. We were stuck. One of our recently discovered cousins, in a stroke of luck, knew Scott Fisher. Scott, it turns out, is a well known Genealogist with his own radio show. She had asked him to help her with her family tree which had similar road blocks of closed adoptions. He sorted it out for her and then we spoke with him about similar help. Looking at the DNA results, and within seven sentences of speaking, he was able to tell us who my biological grandfather was! Not only that, he put us in touch with my Mom's half siblings! Then, to top it off, the next day he discovered her birth Mom, my biological grandmother, and my Mom's OTHER half siblings! I cannot put into words what that was like for us!"

Michael - San Francisco, California

"Before my mother and her only sibling, a brother, passed, my cousin and I each independently decided to get our parents to do a DNA test. Our grandfather was an orphan born in New York City about 1890 and was left at a foundling home with an apparently “made up” name at the age of two months. There was no record of either of the parents.

Like many others, we hoped DNA testing could answer our questions, but when we received the results we had no idea how it was going to help us. I mentioned to my friend Scott Fisher that I was frustrated about these DNA tests and did not know how to proceed. He said 'Let me see what I can do.'

In about two days he called me with the news that he had found one set of grandparents for my orphaned grandfather! He even had photos of them! I was skeptical at first, but he provided solid and comprehensible evidence for the truth of his discovery. He helped me document and preserve this new-found family for further research. Then he gave me the “assignment” to use the same tools and procedures to find my grandfather’s other set of grandparents. 

I went to work using the same techniques he had taught me, and about six weeks later, I had found this second set of grandparents! Hundreds of individuals and family units have now been added to my family tree!"

Terry Stephens - St. George, Utah

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