About Fisher

How I went from frustrated researcher to helping thousands of online family historians discover, record, and share their stories.

Before the nationally syndicated radio show and podcast, before the eye opening online courses, before DNA and genetic genealogy, there was just another genealogist trying to discover his past.

Anxious to learn new techniques.

Anxious to find new sources of information.

Tired of spinning his wheels on family lines he could not break open and stories he could not find.

No Internet Or Major Web Sites, Writing Letters, Endless Dead Ends

Research was a lot harder in the 20th century.

But I was fortunate that my job as a morning radio host left my day wide open to utilize THE Family History Library in Salt Lake City virtually every day for hours after work.

Through this experience, I was introduced to professionals in all the specialized areas of research, learning not only about techniques and key sources, but also where to go to learn about more, often lesser-known, sources!

In 2013, I decided to “make the leap,” leaving my daily morning radio show to create the nationally syndicated radio show and podcast, Extreme Genes. Through this platform, millions of listeners around the world have learned what is possible to discover and the methods and sources for finding those treasured family lines and stories.

Extreme Genes barely survived its first few years.

My “passion” retirement project didn’t turn out to be lined with gold.

Early sponsors helped pay the bills, but my family wondered if the slow growth of show in both listeners and followers made my efforts unjustifiable.

I repeatedly assured my wife that success was just months away.

Slow growth in affiliate radio stations.

Podcast downloads in the low hundreds. Per month!

Skeptical sponsors who felt the show still had too small an audience.

Then something shocking happened.

A murder victim was found just down the road from my house.

The victim had been a missing person for over 32 years. When her remains were identified authorities were unable to locate next-of-kin. I offered to help using those techniques I had learned and developed over the years. After three weeks I found myself talking to her cousin and half brother. The remains could now be returned to the family for a proper burial. Media asked the Sheriff’s office how the family was found and soon Extreme Genes was talked about in outlets around the world, including People!

Suddenly new partners and sponsors took new interest in the show, including the New England Historic Genealogical Society and 23andMe DNA.

Radio station signups were picking up, and podcast downloads grew exponentially. I was invited to be a keynote speaker at the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference in 2018, as well a presenter on the Main Stage at RootsTech, the world’s largest family history conference.

I now had the honor of helping thousands of interested genealogists in honing their craft through my interviews with expert and celebrity guests.

Through the years, I’ve learned how to share what I’ve learned through decades of dedicated research, as well as what I’ve been taught about more recently developed methods from some of the top experts in the field.

Yes, everybody’s family history is different, but most of the techniques for researching them are the same. I love sharing the smallest details that can help you grow in confidence that “I can do this!”

I am able to lead people to success because I teach what I’ve learned.

I pass along the things that I’ve personally done and learned over the decades, including these amazing times of DNA testing.

If you are ready to begin what I call your “genie journey” get started with our free DNA Starter Guide which will teach you the basics of genetic genealogy even if you flunked 9th grade science.

Are you ready to learn REAL knowledge-building action steps so that you can discover long family trees and incredible family stories that will change your life, and the lives of your children and grandchildren?

If you’re looking to find one of the most fulfilling and exciting pastimes you can ever pursue…at any age…this is it! Just by having read this far, you’ve shown that you’re ready to do the work to discover your past, even if you were adopted, mostly right from your own home!

And be confident that you will make discoveries right away!


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A Little About Me

  • Authored and published thirteen fact and story filled books on various branches of my family.
  • I’ve published articles in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society Journal and the Catholic Ancestor journal of England.
  • I have been a passionate baseball historian since childhood. I once got to visit with Jackie Robinson on his couch in his home as a teenager. (I still can’t believe it!)
  • I love hiking the red rocks of the southwest.
  • I was a top morning radio show host for over 30 years.