Ancestry DNA Breakthrough! Ethnicity Now Shown From Each Parent

genie observations Apr 13, 2022

Having first learned that this was coming last week, it was tough to hold back the news that Ancestry has made an important DNA breakthrough. You can now view your ethnicity and see how it came to you... through parent number one or parent number two! For many of us, it will be obvious which parent is which. And you can get this without testing your parents. For those of us whose parents are no longer with us, or have parents not interested in testing, this can be a very useful tool. Ancestry is the first company to pull this off, and it is done through the combination of your DNA and your DNA matches. The new technology is called SideView™, and this is only the first feature that will come from it. The precision rate for this is 95% for 90% of Ancestry DNA's customers. Those affected by endogamy (generations of cousins marrying cousins) will have a lesser precision rate, as would be expected. The best news? In the coming months, Ancestry will use SideView™ technology to show customers DNA matches by parental side, community and journey patterns for each parental side, and even more about your inherited DNA!  And it's not even Christmas yet!  :)  

Happy hunting!

Scott Fisher


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